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Is the film visible?

SmartShield Clear Paint Protection Film is 99.5% clear, so it is virtually invisible. More visible on dark colors and white.

What areas of the vehicle can be protected?

Hood, Fenders, Painted mirrors, bumpers, rocker panels, headlights, door cups and door edgeguards

What is it made out of?

Adhesive, Urethane and Clearcoat.

How thick is it?

8mm – approximately as thick as 3 sheets of paper

How do you cut the film?

We use a plotter with over 50,000 patterns to pre-cut our film. No blades or knives are used to cut patterns from scratch on your vehicle.

Does the film have a clear coat on it?

Yes, all of our XPEL film has a clear coat on it. The Ultimate film is also self-healing!

Can I take it through a car wash or wax it?

Yes, SmartShield will accept wax and polish just as your vehicle’s paint does. Wax will also help protect the film against pollutants and bug damage.

NEVER use abrasive polishes or waxes. Only use recommended basecoat clear coat waxes.

Can it be removed?

Yes, it can and without damaging your paint in any way.

What is covered in your Warranty?

10 year Warranty covering yellowing, bubbling, misapplication and cracking.

What is not covered in your warranty?

Damage caused by road debris, accident, misuse or ordinary wear.

Will my paint fade differently under the shield than on the rest of my vehicle?

No, SmartShield allows UV rays to penetrate. This feature eliminates the “two shades” problem resulting from traditional car bras.

Can I apply the film myself?

Installation of Paint Protection Film is a lot more difficult than it looks. We HIGHLY recommend that it be applied by certified  installers only.

How long does it take to install?

3-5 hours depending on model and option

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