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Protect your investment, get Protection Film for your vehicle. Have the self healing Xpel Film professionally installed at SmartShield.
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Have you ever had a rock chip your new vehicle?

In the past black cloth and leather bras have been available to protect your vehicle’s hood from such damage. Although effective, these were not cosmetically attractive. Now we have XPEL’s Ultimate Paint Protection  kits for your vehicle that are almost invisible, and SmartShield™ superior protection for the tough outdoors. And we have computerized patterns for more than just the hood and the bumper. You can protect your mirrors, headlight lenses, door edge guards, rocker panels and many more areas.

Aside from enhancing your vehicles’ appearance by protecting the paint from damaging chips, there is also a financial consideration in the decision to apply paint protection film. For owned vehicles it is all about preserving resale value. For leased vehicles it is about preventing wear and tear charges when you return your vehicle in to the lease company. There is a real financial consideration to you purchasing this product. It is a good financial investment, not to mention what it does cosmetically to your vehicle and that pride of ownership. Paint Protection film, Car Bra, Clear Bra, Invisible Bra, Stonegard, XPel film, Rock Chip Protection, Auto Bug Shield ….

Whatever you call it ……. Your vehicle needs it!

Preserve Resale Value

Protect Your Investment, Protect Your Paint.

preventing wear and tear

Accidents happen, So prevent what you can…Why Not?

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