Door Handle Cup Protectors

Protect your door handle cups from nasty scratches

SmartShield™ Door Handle Cup Protectors are the smarter choice for protecting your door handle cups from irritating fingernail and key scratches. Made from XPEL’s rugged, clear, 8 mil Polyurethane Paint Protection Film, employing a clear-coat finish for maximum shine and durability. Once applied, this material is virtually invisible yet helps prevent chipping, scratching and scuffing to the vulnerable areas on the door handles. Best of all, they’re colorless and nearly invisible, so they don’t alter your vehicles good looks.

What’s the difference between EXCELLENT & FAIR condition?

About $2,170* 
*Kelley Blue Book trade in value for a 2005 Chevy Impala LS Sedan 4D (July 2007)

Aside from enhancing your vehicles’ appearance by protecting your vehicles paint from damaging chips, there is also a financial consideration in the decision to apply paint protection film. For owned vehicles it is all about preserving resale value. For leased vehicles it is about preventing wear and tear charges when you return your vehicle in to the lease company.

$49.95 (4-Door Kit)
$24.95 (2-Door Kit)

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