About Us

SmartShield™ is an Arizona based company that has partnered with XPEL Technologies Corporation out of San Antonio, Texas, to provide auto owners with the best in innovative, leading edge auto protection products.

The company’s philosophy is simple: “Give customers high quality, innovative products that meet or exceed their auto protection needs – at a reasonable price.” We are committed to this philosophy and to the values we describe below.

When only the best will do, the choice is clear – SmartShield™.

SmartShield™ is also committed to providing innovative new protection products through research and development. Several other products are currently in development and have U.S. Patents pending.


Our Values

The SmartShield Way
The SmartShield team subscribes to a set of values that defines who we are and how we do things and can be summed up as follows:

Customer Satisfaction
Understand that the customers are the lifeblood of our business.
If you’re not serving the customer directly, you should be serving someone who is.

Have a Positive Attitude
Be happy and look for the positive. Catch someone doing something right – your attitude will be contagious.

Act with Integrity
Do the right thing – always. Do what you’ll say you’ll do. Build an Emotional Trust Bank with people.

Be Competent at What You Do
Do what needs to be done. Do it when it needs to be done. Do it to the best of your ability. Do it that way all the time.

Go the Extra Mile
Do more than what is expected of you.

Respect the Individual

Treat people the way you want to be treated. Strive for both productivity and a pleasant working atmosphere.  Do this by adopting a coaching style.

Be a Team Player
Understand that in companies such as ours, teamwork achieves better results than individuals working independently.

Provide Recognition and Feedback
Be specific in acknowledging good work. If good work is ignored, the “easy way” may become the standard.
If improvement is needed, adopt a coaching attitude. Feedback is the “Breakfast of Champions”.

Find a Better Way
Always look for better ways to do the BEST at what you do.

Manage by Objectives
Set mutually agreed goals and measure performance against them regularly.

Be Proactive
Understand and accept that you cannot control all circumstances (“potholes” in the road usually occur daily).
You can control HOW YOU REACT to those circumstances.

Think Win-Win
Strive for win-win solutions, both externally (customers) and internally (employees).

Strive for Growth
Appreciate that both personal and company growth are necessary to keep us motivated.

Involve Others 
Involve others in decision-making because involvement builds TRUST and increases commitment.


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